Company Overview

Empresas ICA develops and operates infrastructure in Mexico. We are Mexico’s oldest and most experienced construction company specialized in heavy civil construction projects of high complexity.

Through our six-decade history, we have built many of the emblematic projects of modern Mexico. Today, our focus is on creating the infrastructure that will help keep Mexico at the forefront of the global economy.

ICA has two core, complementary businesses: construction and management of a portfolio of long-term infrastructure concessions and other investments, organized in three major consolidated business units: Civil Construction, Concessions, and Airports.  In addition, our non-consolidated Industrial Construction business is a major force in its area.


Civil Construction

We carry out large-scale infrastructure construction projects. These include dams and hydroelectric projects; highways, tunnels, and bridges; drainage systems, aqueducts, and water treatment plants; structures including stadiums, hospitals, and airports; and rail and subway systems. Our specialized construction subsidiaries give us additional expertise in geo-technology, subsoil engineering and prefabricated component manufacturing.

Industrial Construction

Through ICA Fluor, a non-consolidated joint venture between ICA and Fluor Corporation, we carry out the engineering, procurement, construction, and construction management (EPC/EPCM) of complex industrial facilities, including oil and gas processing plants, power plants, LNG plants, steel mills, mining facilities, and other manufacturing plants. With more than 1,000 design engineers, we have one of the largest design engineering group in Mexico.



ICA Infrastructure develops and operates long-term concessions and public-private partnerships (PPP) for highways, water projects, ports, and public services. We are the largest highway operator in Mexico, with more than 1,700 km of roads under management. We have a portfolio of 15 concessions as of end of year 2015: 11 operational, and 4 under construction.


We operate 13 airports through our publicly-listed subsidiary OMA. The airports include Monterrey, Mexico's industrial capital, and key regional cities in the north and central areas of the country. We also operate a hotel in the Mexico City International Airport's Terminal 2, provide other commercial services, and develop the real estate in and around our airports.